Aviel Lemus, MD, FAAP Founder & Lead Physician

A concierge pediatrics service that brings expert medical care conveniently to your child’s school.

Faster care for your children with less disruption to your busy schedule.

Daycare Doctors

Is a concierge pediatrics service that reduces time away from your busy schedule by providing medical evaluations conveniently at your child’s school. It is the newest revolution that remedies flaws in today’s healthcare model.

Members enjoy unlimited visits to your school whenever the facility requests “a doctor’s note,” avoiding a large part of unnecessary absences. Our certified nurses go out to your school, evaluate your child on site, and facilitate a telehealth exam performed by a board-certified pediatrician.

We provide on-site testing and treatment. Most importantly, we provide you peace of mind.

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and Receive 30 Days of Free Medical Care

and Receive 30 Days of Free Medical Care

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Concierge medicine for your most valuable treasures.

Because they deserve it.

We never make 
you feel rushed.
You’re not just 
 another chart.
You’re not bothering 
 us by asking 
Even if it's
“just a virus”,
you deserve 
to feel cared for.
Even if it’s
“just a cold”, 
 there are ways 
we can help you.

In order to ensure the highest standard of care, we maintain a limited number of memberships.

Member Benefits

Medical assessment, testing, and treatment conveniently at your child’s school.

1 - McConnochie, Kenneth M et al. “Telemedicine reduces absence resulting from illness in urban child care: evaluation of an innovation.” Pediatrics vol. 115,5 (2005): 1273-82. doi:10.1542/peds.2004-0335

On-demand medical care at your child’s school.

Finally, an upgrade to the school nurse.

Ear infection? Sniffles? Rashes? Strep? Croup? Scratches? Sinus Infections? Ringworm? Pink Eye? Eczema? A case of the boogies?

We can take care of it!

How does Daycare Doctors work?

When the school calls you regarding a medical matter - You call us and we take it from there.

Our nurse comes to assess your child at their school.

Our pediatrician examines your child remotely with the help of a digital stethoscope, and ear and throat cameras.

When required, our nurse performs Strep, Flu, and COVID-19 tests.

When the doctor orders it, our nurse administers medication.

Your school receives detailed guidance.

You get peace of mind.

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and Receive 30 Days of Free Medical Care

Keeping our future healthy.

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