School Partnerships

Add prestige to your school by being the first to have an on-call doctor.

Get ready to be a trend-setter.

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Collaborate With Us to Improve the Health of Your Children.

We collaborate with Daycares, Early Learning Centers, Preschools, and Camps.

What We Provide

An Emergency Solution

From allergic reactions to asthma exacerbations, there’s no need to worry, Daycare Doctors will have medical staff on site to assess the situation even before parents can arrive.

Lighting-Speed Infection Control

In the age of COVID-19, sniffles and sore throats are taken seriously. We provide on-site testing for COVID-19, Flu, and Strep with immediate results, so you and your parents can have peace of mind.

Shared Decision-Making

Infection control and child safety are of utmost importance to pediatricians and school staff. Unfortunately, communication between the two is often non-existent. We base all guidance on direct communication with the school and on the guidelines set by the CDC and AAP.

Peace of Mind

When it comes to our children’s health, we must always be cautious. Our professional guidance will provide you with immediate peace of mind, and save you from dealing with frustrated parents.