brings medical assessment, testing, and treatment directly to your child’s school.

Finally, an upgrade to the school nurse.

Be part of a revolutionary new service – Concierge medicine at your child’s school.

Members Benefit From

On-Demand Medical Assessments

The attention your children deserve. Your child benefits from assessments by our board-certified pediatrician. Our traveling nurse facilitates the exam using a digital stethoscope that transmits heart and lung sounds, and ear and throat cameras that send live video. Our pediatrician provides your school with guidance based on guidelines set by the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Convenient Testing

Forget the doctor’s office. Members receive on-site testing for COVID-19, Flu, Strep, and RSV. Our traveling nurse performs tests ordered by our pediatrician and provides immediate results.

Timely Treatment

No more unnecessary trips to the pharmacy. Your child receives immediate, on-site treatment: antibiotics for infections, steroids for croup or asthma, and OTC medications like Tylenol and Benadryl. When prescription medicine is necessary, our courier service brings the antibiotic to the school so our nurse can administer your child’s first dose and have them on their way to a speedy recovery.

Less Disruption

No more fretting about who has to stay home. In almost all cases, we help avoid absences from school. In cases where your child must still leave school, such as strep throat, which requires 24 hours of antibiotic treatment to no longer be infectious, our system gets them back in school the fastest.

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Our Medical Team

Aviel Lemus, MD, FAAP

Founder & Lead Physician

Dr. Lemus is a board-certified pediatrician. A graduate of Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts in Biochemical Sciences, he received his medical degree from Tel Aviv University School of Medicine and completed his residency at Tulane University.

Prior to founding Daycare Doctors, he taught as a preceptor in outpatient pediatrics at the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Residency Program, and he worked as an outpatient and urgent care pediatrician in a busy, private practice.

It is this experience that inspired Dr. Lemus to create a solution that places the patient and their family first – a solution that brings the doctor to the patient, and where the doctor waits for you.

Michelle Tait, RN, BSN

Chief Nursing Officer

Michelle Tait is a trauma-certified, registered nurse with over 15 years of experience. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Florida State University. Prior to joining Daycare Doctors, she dedicated her career to emergency and critical care medicine. She is happily married and a mother of two beautiful children.